09/09/2020 11:50

European Hydrogen Hub by the Port of Rotterdam

The port applies a complete value chain approach, in which generation, import, use in transport and industrial processes, and transport of hydrogen are combined. Addressing these elements combined makes the Port of Rotterdam ideally suited to develop...

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26/04/2019 17:11

Tata Steel and Dow’s pilot plant using waste gas to produce naphtha

The steel plant uses carbon monoxide, which is abundantly present in the waste gases from steel production. ‘We first use part of it to produce hydrogen,’ says transition manager Cock Pietersen of Tata Steel. This hydrogen is created by i...

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26/04/2019 17:06

The North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH) project: efficient development of renewable...

An artificial island, instead of a platform, could be developed as a central hub to support the necessary energy evacuation infrastructure e.g. electrical or power to gas conversion. This concept, the North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH), is further bei...

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26/04/2019 14:32

PORTHOS’ CO2 capture and transport project

With PORTHOS (Port of Rotterdam CO2 Transport Hub and Storage) the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Gasunie and EBN are jointly making efforts to realise a basic infrastructure for the capture and transport of CO2 in Rotterdam’s port area. This CO2 can...

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17/04/2019 11:12

EDF's Iris Project for smart and sustainable cities

IRIS (Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities) is a Light House Cities Project addressing the urgent need to deliver low carbon energy and mobility services in cities that are cheaper, better accessible, reliable, an...

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16/04/2019 11:44

Cogeneration at ExxonMobil facilities

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity while capturing useful heat or steam for industrial processes. By capturing and using energy that would have been lost as waste heat, cogeneration leads to increased energy efficiency and red...

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