What is ClimateYourBusiness?

ClimateYourBusiness is a space where companies operating in the European Union showcase their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through technology solutions or company pledges.

The website is a space managed by BusinessEurope and is regularly updated with new content showing examples provided by all-size enterprises.

The implications of this transformation have far reaching impacts on society at large that will gradually materialise. Today, more than ever, European business is conscious of its responsibility and committed to act.


Why should your company engage?

  • To showcase what your company is doing to reduce emissions. By showing the extent to which business is already engaged into this decarbonisation process, you will help make EU policy fit-for-purpose.
  • To make your voice heard on upcoming EU policy initiatives. By gathering your “on the ground” practical experiences, BusinessEurope will be in a stronger position to advocate the business voice towards European institutions.
  • To develop your network. The website is a unique way for you to connect with other companies, either by being contacted by others because of your expertise or by being able to see what is happening elsewhere.
  • To join the European Union’s debate on climate action. Based on what we receive from you and others, BusinessEurope intends as much as possible to organise events, consultations and promotion of the website and its participating community.


If you are a business and interested to submit your own greenhouse gas emissions reduction project or pledge, please do so via our Submit page.