25/04/2019 09:55

Air Liquide’s announces 30% reduction objective in its carbon intensity betwee...

As part of its global approach to climate, Air Liquide is presenting the most ambitious objectives of its sector. The Group’s commitments seek not only to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities but also to work with its customers toward a su...

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17/04/2019 11:12

EDF's Iris Project for smart and sustainable cities

IRIS (Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities) is a Light House Cities Project addressing the urgent need to deliver low carbon energy and mobility services in cities that are cheaper, better accessible, reliable, an...

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16/04/2019 17:19

CORRI-DOOR: A seamless EV-charging project promoted by EDF

Led by EDF and gathering 11 partners, including car manufacturers such as Renault, Volkswagen, BMW and Nissan, CORRI-DOOR is a collaborative initiative aiming at fostering and speeding-up electric vehicle penetration in France, through the realizatio...

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16/04/2019 17:02

Massileo project : how EDF delivers heat and cold from sea energy

Since 2017, Massileo has been serving the Smartseille eco-district, which covers 2.7 hectares at the heart of Euroméditéranée 2 in Marseille, France. Its network is composed of a tempered water loop that connects the seawater caloric recovery stat...

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16/04/2019 11:44

Cogeneration at ExxonMobil facilities

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity while capturing useful heat or steam for industrial processes. By capturing and using energy that would have been lost as waste heat, cogeneration leads to increased energy efficiency and red...

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